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We strongly believe in management EXCELLENCE being the key driver in the future of your organisation whatever size.”

It constantly amazes us how businesses invest in products, processes, technology and marketing and overlook the need to improve the required skills to manage the increased business the investment will bring.

At ITS we feel management and leadership development is all about getting you or your managers to reach and exceed your true potential as quickly and enjoyably as possible, then raising the bar in self achievement continually growing as you manage.

Why wait till we are excellent managers to have some fun. “Let’s have fun on the way.”
We believe in an ever increasing competitive commercial world, just “good” management and leadership is not “good” enough anymore.

Managers and business owners must strive to be excellent in all they do.

Our training philosophy is simple we make you the best you can be.

Many managers have benefited over the years from our experience and experiential learning techniques. Including:

Leadership skills

This has helped many managers be more flexible and open minded in their approach to leading people. Gaining results they never thought possible.

Raised self awareness which has lead to more effective communication internally and externally.
Understanding leadership styles and their impact on others. This has helped managers to achieve more and increase productivity of their employees.

Improved understanding of peoples behaviours. This has impacted positively on people’s reactions to each other.

Management and Leadership skills fall into 3 key elements:

  • Managing or Leading Self

Interpersonal skills and Influencing styles.
Many managers have improved their ability to get the best out of their employees and customers.
Leading by example and setting excellent standards.

  • Managing or Leading Others

Skills in managing small, medium and large teams. Increasing the effectiveness of meetings and the motivation of the teams.
Time management. Planning and objective setting. We have given managers the skills to ensure they use this vitally important resource is utilised to its best.
Managing conflict. We have given managers the confidence to handle situations they may have avoided in the past and brought these situations to a professional conclusion.

  • Managing or Leading Tasks

Effective problem solving. More efficient and cost effective ways to use resource.
Decision making. Ensuring managers now make the right decisions in a timely, cost effective and professional way.

We have successfully designed and delivered effective management training for over 12 years.
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