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People often view sales and service as separate functions however we can show you how to improve sales through service.

Customers, clients or guests don’t want transactions they want experiences they can talk about positively.

Customer service excellence is the key to success in any business. Your internal and external customers can be excellent ambassadors for your business if you treat them all like VIP’s.

At ITS we pride ourselves on delivering customer service excellence through the design and delivery of training workshops.

At ITS our Customer Service Excellence training is tailored to your needs and built on a sound foundation of:

  • Creating experiences not transactions.
  • Understanding the importance of excellence.
  • Living the experience through your customers eyes.
  • Team work to deliver consistent service standards.
  • Being individual.
  • Solving customer’s issues effectively.
  • Generating repeat business and referrals.

We have successfully developed customer service skills across a wide range of retail, wholesale and hospitality organisations, helping new and existing businesses to improve sales performance and profitability.

Our tailor made service is designed and delivered with our customers in mind e.g

Sales through service for:

  • Hospitality and leisure.
  • Retail & Wholesale.
  • Health Care Services.
  • Call Centres.
  • Individual business owners.
  • Financial services.

Basically any business that deals with customers will benefit from one of our tailor made solutions.

Call now to see if you and your business could benefit from the skills and knowledge available from ITS